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"The truth of ourselves is the root of our acting." -Sanford Meisner


I was hooked on the freeing feeling performing gave me at a young age.

In college, I struggled to find this feeling again, which in turn produced a lot of self-doubt. That inner critic wouldn't (and sometimes still won't!) keep its mouth shut. With experience and training, I have gained techniques that redirect these thoughts while working on material, whether it be in the rehearsal room or onstage.


I am a firm believer that our inner child is yearning to be free in performance. This is why AMB Studio was born - to inspire others to find their inner child again through nurturing and self-compassion. In our work, we will explore material by talking through circumstance under the lens of the Meisner technique, which encourages "living truthfully under imaginary circumstances." You are enough; whatever you bring to your work in our sessions is enough. 


Courtesy of Broadway in Indianapolis Facebook page.

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